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Everything You Need to Know about VBN

VBN gives you full parental control if you have Adult channel or simple wish to block other channels from minors to view with a screen keypad to enter a code.  You have total control with VBN.

Whether you are a retired Expat, working and living overseas, in the military whatever your circumstances are VBN delivers television and movies anywhere in world in your native language from the geographic location of your origins.  This is truly EXPAT Tv, Tv for Expats, living abroad Tv, Tv for oversea living & working, overseas Tv, Military Tv, Foreign Language Tv, whatever you want to call it … we have it.


Why Choose VBN ?

Vector Broadcasting System – VBN bring more networks and channels of premium quality content to you anywhere in the world than anyone else. VBN provides you multiple pre-configured packages for your selection to fit your needs and budget. Unlike other providers, you get it ALL here; Live TV, VOD Movies, Series TV no matter what package you select. Unlike other provides that only give you Movies or Services Tv … everything is included when you choose VBN.

And when you select the package that is right for you, you still can “Add-On” a single individual channel or channels to any package you wish, NO OTHER Provider gives you this option, just VBN!

You can also choose any English package and for a small monthly fee Add-On another foreign language package of your choice or a Sports Pak, Premium Movie Pak too.

VBN gives you many options to watch where you are home or on the road. A multitude of viewing devises are available to you. Watch on your Smart Phone (Android or iPhone), Smart TVs’, Standard Tv with STB (Tv Box), Tablet or Laptop, PC. You can be travelling and watching on your smart phone while someone else in your family can be home watch something else on the Tv set. That means multiple viewer at the same time.

Our 24-hour customer service center is open to help you with any need you may have. We provide a optional preconfigured STB with remote control that will work on any Tv that has an HDMI connection. All you need to do is call and we’ll express ship it to you. Just plug it in and you’re watching VBN.